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When you withdraw money in a foreign country, you have two commissions: The one of the bank where you withdraw, and your bank's one. Some banks don't take commission to the foreigners withdrawing in their ATMs. I will list here every bank where I could withdraw without commission during my trips. The list will be completed gradually.

Since the commissions can vary according to your bank and the agreements it has with the ones in other countries, I precise that I have an account at Boursorama Banque, affiliate to Société Générale, with a Visa Premier card.

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The banks that doesn't take commission are:


In Argentine, every bank charges the same fee of 6 US dollars per withdraw (2016-2017). However, some shops propose to charge you more (until 3000 pesos) when you pay with your card and give you the difference in cash, so that you avoid to withdraw in the ATMs paying commission. More infos at (in Spanish).


Good news! It seems that in Bolivia, no bank charges the withdraws. I will list those where I have tried.

  • Banco Económico (2017)
  • Banco Fassil (2018)
  • Banco Nacional de Bolivia (BNB) (2017)
  • Banco Pyme Ecofuturo (2017)
  • Banco Unión (2017-2018)
  • BCP (2017)
  • Bisa (2018)
  • Jesús Nazareno (2018)
  • Mercantil Santa Cruz (2017)
  • San Martin de Porres (2018)


In Brazil, the banks charges varies drastically. The most expensive that I have found is Banco 24 horas that charges 25 R$ each withdrawal. I've found two banks that allows to withdraw for free:

  • Banco do Brasil (2016-2018)
  • Bradesco (2016-2018)


In Chile, according to my experience and to many people having accounts in different banks in different countries, the only bank without fees for foreigners is:

  • Scotiabank (2017)


  • BCP (2018)
  • Caja Cusco (2018)