Travel photos in South America

The Punta Tombo National Reserve is the biggest Magellanic penguins colony of the continent. There are approximately one million individuals.

We can find rheas, a kind of ostrich living in Patagonia, and Guanacos, a kind of wild lama as well. But you will have other opportunities to see them if you continue your trip in Patagonia.

To go to Punta Tombo, there are two solutions: You can buy a touristic tour, but it's very expensive. You can rent a car as well, which is the same price if you are alone, but the price can be shared. The best thing to do is making a group of 4 or 5 persons.
To go to Punta Tombo, the best is to stay in Puerto Madryn and to rent a car from there after having made a group to share the cost. If you don't need to make a group, you can stay in Trelew as well, which is closer, but les frequented.